Wasp phobia, how Kindt Clinics helped me

By Nienke

Wasp phobia from childhood

I was not a fan of wasps since childhood, I always reacted more violently than the rest of the family when another wasp came near me. I really like summer and good weather, but eating outside in summer, for example, was never one of my favorite pastimes.

Over the years my reaction to seeing and hearing wasps has got worse, I saw them from yards away and when I heard one I collapsed, started to sweat, my heart rate went up and I preferred to run into the house stay there for the rest of the day.

Several times I burst into tears because such a small humming creature had ruined my day again. As a result, on days when the weather was nice, I spent more hours indoors than outdoors. I was certainly aware that this was not a normal reaction.


As a result, on days when the weather was nice, I spent more hours indoors than outdoors.

I was also often pointed out by people around me, but I really couldn't help it. My mind knew there was no reason for this panic, but my feeling and body told me otherwise.

Not passing on the fear to our children

In the summer of 2019, the fear was so intense that I decided to do something about it. Besides the fact that I wanted to enjoy the summer again myself, my main goal was not to transfer the fear to our children (now almost 3 and 1 years old). I got into what wasps actually do, useful critters did, but I still didn't want them around me. So looking on the internet how to keep them at bay, lavender, cloves, lemon, incense .. I feel it really didn't help.

Back to Google: How do I get rid of wasp fear? That's how I found out that there is a word for a phobia or fear of wasps: Spheksophobia.

Back to Google: How do I get rid of wasp fear?

During a lot of Googling I ended up on the website of Kindt Clinics in Amsterdam. According to Kindt Clinics, it is possible to get rid of your anxiety within 24 hours. How then did I think… I have read the entire website with attention and amazement. Kindt Clinics uses the Memrec method where you are confronted with your fear for a short time.

The experiences I read made me feel like this would really work. I decided to take the self-test on the website to see if the Memrec treatment is right for my anxiety.

And then it went quickly ... Soon they were contacted and an intake interview was scheduled via Skype. Finally I got the recognition that there was nothing I could do about my body reacting that way, I felt understood and they really made me feel like they could help me.

With a referral from the general practitioner, I started the process at Kindt Clinics. Exciting? YES, KILL!

Where is that beast

Got in the car to Amsterdam on July 14, 2020, the tension was running through my body, I had a huge headache since the night before. I had an appointment at 13.00 p.m., when I stood at the door for a moment of doubt. Once inside, there was no going back 😉

After a short conversation with the psychologist, it was time for the confrontation. It also seemed best to do this as soon as possible, then we would have had it.

Sweating, rising heartbeat, where's that beast? I am not allowed to say too much about the confrontation, because if you know exactly what will happen in advance, the treatment will not work as well. At least it didn't take long.

Huh? How is this possible?

The next day I went to the practice of Kindt Clinics again for the confrontation, now I saw what a wonderful building it was in which they are. My headache was gone and I noticed on the way that I was much calmer.

Once inside, I was allowed to choose whether I wanted to face the confrontation again or drink a cup of tea first. But I was so curious if I managed to get straight to the wasps (crazy to hear myself say that).

I stepped inside, without any tension in my body. Looked in the trays, they opened .. it didn't affect me much. Huh? How is this possible? I didn't really believe it and it made me nervous. Less than 24 hours ago I was in the same room and I was in a complete panic, and now I had a pin that a wasp was walking over!

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