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First in the world

Kindt Clinics is the specialized treatment center for people suffering from fear. As a result of the groundbreaking research by Professor Merel Kindt and many colleagues from all over the world, we are the first to be able to offer the Memrec Method to cure fear. This method is unique for two reasons: it is quick and effective: more than 80% are free of their unnecessary fear after one treatment.

Specialized in fear

We specialize only in specific phobias en we only use the Memrec Method. As a result of this focus we can continue to develop the treatment, in the future hopefully also for other disorders. By getting to know you, we can determine if our Memrec treatment fits your needs. We are open about this. If there are different issues that may be strongly related to your fear (such as repeated traumatic experiences), we may advise you to choose for a longer treatment trajectory and a different treatment method.


Merel kindt oprichter van kindt clinics

Merel Kindt

Merel Kindt is Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, and has been researching fear since the beginning of her career. Because she could only help a limited number of people in her research at the university, she decided to found Kindt Clinics, to make the Memrec treatment available to a wider public. At this moment, each client of Kindt Clinics is treated by Merel Kindt herself.



foto van maartje kroese oprichter kindt clinicsMaartje Kroese

Maartje Kroese is the manager of Kindt Clinics. As graduated Psychologist having worked for a corporate company (sustainable energy), she was looking for a more direct link to people. This is why she co-founded Kindt Clinics and is responsible for daily management of the Clinic. She is the one that you will get in touch with first, whether you call, mail, Whatsapp or visit us.



foto van huisart emmeke eijkelkamp oprichter Kindt ClinicsEmmeke Eijkelkamp

Besides general practitioner Emmeke Eijkelkamp is co-founder of Kindt Clinics. The doctor’s practice where she works is closely related to the University of Amsterdam. For the research of Merel Kindt and her team at the university, Emmekes colleague Peter Vonk is the medical point of contact. For Kindt Clinics, this is Emmeke Eijkelkamp. She makes sure that you are in good hands, also medically.

vrouw genezen van angstNo unnecessary fear

Founder Merel Kindt has been researching fear since the beginning of her scientific career. Today, partly due to the development of the promising treatment method Memrec, she is convinced that it is possible: no more unnecessary fears. At least this is something that we wish everyone. Flexible as people are, we learn to live with fears. We get used to it. But what we hear from people that have had the treatment, is that they only realized in hindsight to what extend the fear used to influence them. That feeling of freedom is our biggest driver.

Easily accessible

To treat fear, cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR are the most commonly advised methods. Even though both methods may be effective, we choose to offer only the Memrec Method. One of the reasons for this is that we want to make the treatment of fear as easily accessible as possible. A treatment plan with ten sessions or repeated exposure to the object of your fear may make the step towards treatment harder to take. In addition to the quick and effective treatment, we make sure our clinic is a nice place to be. No white coats or clinical waiting rooms, but wooden floors and good coffee.

From Amsterdam to Mali

Kindt Clinics is still in the first stage. Already do we notice that there is a need for the effective treatment of fear in other parts of the world. At the University of Amsterdam Merel Kindt and her team work hard to make the Memrec Method applicable for other types of fear and anxiety, such as panic attacks and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD). A perspective that all founders of Kindt Clinics share is that we can help local soldiers in war zones to get rid of their war traumas. In theory, the Memrec Method is suitable for this, because of it is quick and effective nature. But for now all our attention goes to the first clinic in Amsterdam.

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