Specific fears

and phobias

Kindt Clinics specializes in the treatment of phobias. Feel free to contact us to discuss whether our treatment is suitable for your fear.

Specific and social fears

We distinguish between specific phobias (such as for an animal) and social phobias.

Specific phobias

A specific phobia is a severe fear; a fear that is disportionate to the circumstances. While someone rationally knows that the object of his fear cannot really be life-threatening, this no longer matters when the fear strikes.

A phobia can develop after a specific negative experience, but usually there is no clear cause. Where a fear originated does not matter for the treatment at Kindt Clinics.

Because it often takes a lot of effort to completely avoid a fear in daily life, specific phobias can be very debilitating.


Symptoms of a specific phobia

Panic reaction

Elevated heart rate




Wanting to escape

The treatment at Kindt Clinics is suitable for almost all specific phobias

Thanks to the Memrec method of Prof. Dr Merel Kindt, phobias can usually quickly and effectively be treated. We welcome people from all over the world for the Memrec treatment. 

Treatment approach for phobias

For 83% of our customers, one short treatment session is enough to permanently overcome their fear. In order for the treatment to be successful, we evoke the fear once. For example, with a spider phobia, we do this by asking you to look at a spider. This single exposure is short but intense, and necessary for the treatment to be successful. The next day, we meet again and in most cases you will immediately notice that the intense fear has disappeared.

Read Nienke's experience

"Several times I burst into tears because such a small buzzing creature had ruined my day. The result was that on days when the weather was nice I spent more hours indoors than outside. I was certainly aware that this was not a normal reaction."
Read Nienke's story

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Social phobias

People with social fear are excessively afraid of other people's opinions or criticisms, of doing something embarrassing or wrong, or of reacting incorrectly or strangely.

Unfortunately, Memrec is usually not suitable for this type of fear. This is because it is often not possible to trigger the full fear as briefly and intensely as needed. The thought 'what would others have thought of me' can linger in your mind after the confrontation with your fear, which decreases the chances of success. Another complicating factor can be that the fear as experienced during the treatment is less intense than it normally is, possibly because the fear is allowed to be there rather than fought against. Not being able to trigger the fear at its fullest strongly limits the chances of success.

However, if you have a severe fear of one specific social situation (for example, making a phone call or blushing in front of a group) then the treatment may be appropriate.

Our employees can usually quickly assess whether or not Memrec is a good choice for you. So feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your personal situation. 

Symptoms of a specific social fear


Elevated heart rate


Unable to speak


Wanting to escape

The treatment at Kindt Clinics is suitable for specific social phobias

Thanks to the Memrec method of Prof. Dr Merel Kindt can treat certain social phobias quickly and effectively. In order for the treatment to be successful, it is necessary to briefly and strongly trigger the fear during the treatment. Both aspects can be challenging in social phobias. 

It may be that the anxiety continues to linger for a long time after the treatment, or that the treatment setting makes the fear less intense than normal. 

We are happy to help you find out whether or not the Memrec method can be a good choice for you.

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