At Kindt Clinics you can overcome

your fear of heights

We are a team of experienced psychologists and a general practitioner, specialized in the treatment of vertigo and other fears. The freedom of a life without unnecessary fear, that is what Kindt Clinics stands for.

Live freely without fear of heights

Everyone is careful at heights, which is functional. This normal fear becomes a phobia when the fear is excessive; the body reacts as if it is in great danger, when in fact it is not.

People with a fear of heights may feel like they are going to fall or jump. In some cases, the mere idea of ​​being at height is scary.

Because heights are difficult to avoid in everyday life, a fear of heights can be very hindering. Fortunately, it is usually treatable

Fear of heights in the mountains?

Do you mainly suffer from fear of heights in the mountains, for example when hiking or during winter sports? Then sign up for the fear of heights weekend in the Alps.

Symptoms of vertigo


Elevated heart rate




Wanting to escape

At Kindt Clinics we treat vertigo within one day

Kindt Clinics was founded by Prof. Dr. Merel Kindt from the University of Amsterdam. After twenty years of research, she developed the fast and effective Memrec method to treat fears and phobias. At Kindt Clinics, we welcome people from all over the world. 

Effective in one go

70% of our customers overcome their fear of heights in a single treatment session.

Permanent result

After a successful Memrec treatment, the fear of heights does not return.


99% of our customers recommend us

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Costs and reimbursement

Kindt Clinics' needle phobia treatment falls under basic health insurance coverage in the Netherlands ('ongecontracteerde basis-ggz'). That is why it is always largely or fully compensated.
People from other countries pay a fixed hourly rate.

Other people's experiences

In this excerpt from the Canadian documentary program The Nature of Things, you see images of Eva's fear of heights treatment. In this case, the treatment was done in a fire brigade ladder truck. We have various locations in and around Amsterdam that we use for the treatment of fear of heights. 

Fear of heights. Treatment at Kindt Clinics.


“I've been afraid of heights since I can remember. I had already tried everything: ignoring the fear (didn't work), hypnosis (didn't work either) and exposure therapy. That exposure sometimes worked, but I often had a relapse when, for example, I was a bit more tired for a period. Then I had to start all over again. The only thing that worked was avoiding heights, but I found that too restrictive. Read more
Then I started searching online and came across Professor Merel Kindt's research. Read more I did the intake interview via Skype, and on the day of my treatment I drove with Maartje and Merel to the location of my treatment. Here I was briefly, but very intensely, exposed to my fear. With the encouragement of Merel and Maartje, I stood at the edge of a high roof. With every step I took, I felt like I had to go through an invisible barrier that kept me from walking to the edge. After this I got the pill and rested. The rest of the day I did some sightseeing in the city and went to sleep. The next day I did not feel a big difference beforehand, except that I was no longer nervous about where I was going, but curious whether the treatment would have worked. Even on the roof, I still doubted whether I dared. But before I knew it I was already on the edge. There was no fear, my knees felt firm, and there was no barrier to stop me. I felt the healthy tension that everyone feels at height, but no fear! The treatment has worked better than I hoped. Now I am practicing going to places that I used to avoid. Not to overcome my fear, because there is no fear. But to unlearn the habits I have developed over the years. When I see a tall building I still think, "I can never get on it," but now I realize I can, and I prove that to myself by just going up. It feels good to be able to go back to a roof terrace, or to the top floor in a department store, and to book hotel rooms in high towers. I would recommend Kindt Clinics, and their Memrec method, to anyone who has an anxiety appropriate for treatment. It was one, intensive but short exposure, and my fear of heights has cured. ”


“My experience is great! The contact by email and the intake interview via Skype with Maartje. Good information on the website and of course the fact that after 48 years I got rid of my terrible fear of heights.

Read more

I am very satisfied with the guidance, the contact and of course the treatment. Be very positive about it and tell everyone. Even pass it on to the doctor. A very effective way to get rid of my very bad fear of heights for good and in a short time. It is a pity that this method was not available decades earlier. ”

The intake interview is without obligation

This way you can make an informed decision about whether to continue with the treatment.

I am not sure…

Frequently asked questions about the treatment of vertigo

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the treatment. But feel free to call, email of Whatsapp us too. We are happy to help you.

Memrec for vertigo is unique because of its short duration (2 physical appointments) and high effectiveness (70% succeed in one go). The treatment starts with an intake interview, via video. In this interview, we get to know each other, and determine how we should approach your treatment; there are many different forms of vertigo. After this, we plan the treatment.

On the day of the treatment we go to a place at a height. The practitioner helps you to evoke the fear in the right way. You will of course never be surprised or forced to do anything. Then you will be given the pill (a beta blocker), and you will stay with us for 2 hours for the resting period.

A day (or a few days) later you come back and we test the effect. You should immediately notice that the strong physical response stops when you are at height again. We take the time to get used to this experience and build your confidence.  

After the treatment, we like to keep in touch, and you are always welcome for an extra practice session.

A treatment is successful for us if your fear of heights no longer limits you in your daily life. You don't have to like heights, but you should be able to stand on a high balcony without panicking.

Already on the day after the treatment, you should notice that the strong physical response to heights has disappeared. However, you may still feel a bit tense. On the one hand because this is normal when being at height, but also because you still have to gain confidence that the intense fear that you are used to will now stay away.

70% of the needle phobia treatments are successful in one go. The effect is permanent.

The most important factors contributing to treatment success are, XNUMX) we must be able to properly reactivate the fear and, XNUMX) you must be motivated enough to overcome your fear. 

Some of the people with a fear of heights have a strong physical reaction to height in addition to a fear response. If they look from top to bottom, or sometimes from bottom to top, they feel dizzy and/or nauseous. 

This physical response has to do with the vestibular organ. Far away on the horizon or in the abyss, our eyes register (almost) no movement, but the balance organ does notice that you are moving. This contradictory information makes you dizzy. People who suffer from this physical response can be more prone to develop a fear of heights. In that case, the fear of heights is often more about the fear of that unpleasant feeling.

Fear of heights can greatly enhance the described physical response. Because you start to breathe faster, the dizziness gets worse. Although unfortunately nothing can be done about the original physical reaction, a successful fear treatment tends to reduce the unpleasant feeling.