At Kindt Clinics you can overcome

your fear of insects

We are a team of experienced psychologists and a general practitioner, specialized in the treatment of insect phobia and other fears. The freedom of a life without unnecessary fear, that is what Kindt Clinics stands for.

Live freely without fear of insects

Fear of insects is common. In many cases, these are insects that can sting, such as wasps and bees, but fear of cockroaches, butterflies and moths is also common. While no one likes to come into contact with an aggressive wasp or an unwanted cockroach, for people with a phobia, it goes further than that. The body reacts as if it is in great danger.

Because hardly any insect can be avoided with certainty in daily life, a phobia for an insect is often very debilitating. Fortunately, it can often be treated well.

Symptoms of insect phobia


Elevated heart rate




Wanting to escape

At Kindt Clinics we treat the fear of wasps, cockroaches and other insects within one day

Kindt Clinics was founded by Prof. Dr. Merel Kindt from the University of Amsterdam. After twenty years of research, she developed the fast and effective Memrec method to treat fears and phobias. At Kindt Clinics, we welcome people from all over the world. 

Effective in one go

83% of our customers overcome their insect phobia after one treatment session.

Permanent result

After a successful Memrec treatment, the disproportionate fear does not return.


99% of our customers recommend us

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Costs and reimbursement

Kindt Clinics' needle phobia treatment falls under basic health insurance coverage in the Netherlands ('ongecontracteerde basis-ggz'). That is why it is always largely or fully compensated.
People from other countries pay a fixed hourly fee.

Other people's experiences

People who suffer from fear of an insect prefer not to view images of this insect. In the video below, we therefore show fragments of treatments of fear of heights and chicken phobia, to give you an impression of the treatment approach. The footage comes from the Canadian documentary program The Nature of Things.

Nienke - wasp phobia

“Perfect, guidance was great. Unconstrained and could be myself, so I didn't feel shame. Very pleasant. I am very thankful! I can enjoy a wonderful holiday at the campsite with our children and wasps :) ”

Claudia - tor and grasshopper phobia

“My fear of beetles and grasshoppers did not help my vacation plans. After treatment by Maartje and Merel, I was very surprised to stroke cockroaches and let a large beetle and grasshopper run over my hands and body.
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Insects still won't be my best friends, but it doesn't stop me from going anywhere they might be. Last vacation even showered with a grasshopper next to me! Maartje and Merel thank you very much! It remains amazing that after a scared fifteen minutes you can get rid of so much fear.

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Frequently asked questions about the treatment of insect phobia

Below are the most frequently asked questions about insect phobia and its treatment. But feel free to call, email of Whatsapp us too. We are happy to help you.

Memrec for insect fear is unique because of its short duration (2 physical appointments) and high effectiveness (83% succeed in one session). The treatment starts with an intake interview, via video. In this interview, we get to know each other, and we aim to determine how we should approach your treatment, as every phobia is different. After this, we plan the treatment.

On the day of the treatment, we start with a chat. After that, we will have the insect that you fear available in the treatment room. You go into the room with the practitioner, and the practitioner helps you to trigger the fear in the right way. It speaks for itself that you will never be surprised or forced to do anything. After this, you will be given the pill (a beta blocker), and you will stay with us for 2 hours for the resting period.

One day or a few days later, you come back and we test the effect of the treatment. You should immediately notice that the strong physical response stays away when you see the same insect(s) as during the treatment session. We take the time to get used to this experience and build your confidence.  

After the treatment, we like to keep in touch, and you are always welcome for an extra practice session.

In our view, a treatment is successful if the fear no longer limits you in your daily life. You don't have to like wasps, bees, cockroaches or any other insect you feared, but you should be able to sit outside anywhere without fear.

The day after the treatment you should immediately notice that the strong physical response to heights has disappeared. Often you will still notice some tension, so we take the time that day to show you that the tension will subside on its own, as you trust that the fear will go away.

83% of insect phobia treatments are successful in one go. The effect is permanent.

The most important factors contributing to treatment success are, XNUMX) we must be able to properly reactivate the fear and, XNUMX) you must be motivated enough to overcome your fear.