Memrec for the treatment of unnecessary fear

The Memrec method (a form of cognitive behavioral therapy) is unique for two reasons: its short duration and high effectiveness. The confrontation with the fear takes less than half an hour, and in 80% of people the unrealistic fear is permanently attenuated after one treatment.

You can read more about the method on this page.

Memrec in short

Simply put, Memrec treatment consists of vigorously triggering and contracting the fear, followed by a one-time pill (a beta blocker).

The goal is to weaken the brain connections responsible for the unreal fear all at once. The execution is tight: without the correct exposure, the beta-blocker has no effect on the anxiety, and without the beta-blocker, the short exposure usually has no effect.

Treatment stems from Research from ao Prof. dr. Merel Kindt (UvA).

The treatment is suitable for almost all specific phobias, and some forms of it panic complaints en PTSD. Take the self-test to determine if Memrec is right for you.

Watch a Memrec treatment

Note: this fragment contains images of spiders and other insects

In this part of the documentary Memory Hackers (which was shown on Netflix until July 2019) you can see fragments of various treatments. Although every treatment is different in practice, it does give an impression of the Memrec method.

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Free intake

To make the first step as easy as possible, the intake interview at Kindt Clinics is without obligation. Only then do you decide whether you want the treatment.

A treatment usually consists of one treatment session and one test session

The treatment session

The purpose of the treatment session is to remove the unrealistic fear. In the Memrec method this is done through a short and powerful confrontation with the fear. It is necessary to deal with the fear completely. In this way all brain connections that have to do with the fear are activated, and these connections are also modifiable.

At one phobia treatment it is about an actual confrontation with the fear. In case of panic complaints we trigger a panic attack. And at one PTSDtreatment, the treatment consists of a conversation, in which we return imaginary to the traumatic experience.

After the confrontation a single pill (a beta blocker) follows. This ensures that the fear cannot be stored again in the brain. You will stay with us for another two hours for the pill to take effect.

“Even though it was very scary to be confronted with my fear, I felt that I was in good hands”

Karin West, treated at Kindt Clinics

For more than 80% of people, one treatment is enough to eliminate or at least significantly reduce anxiety

The test session

The purpose of the testing session is to experience the effect of the treatment. This effect is only noticeable from one day after treatment. After all, the brain only processes all the experiences of that day during sleep.

The test session therefore follows one or a few days after the treatment session. In this session you are again confronted with your fear. You should immediately notice that your reaction is different.

For more than 80% of people, one treatment is enough to eliminate or at least significantly reduce anxiety. The violent emotional reaction has suddenly disappeared.

We are taking the time to get used to this new response and to build confidence that the intense fear will stay away.

If it appears that the treatment has not been successful, and we understand why, we can immediately make a new attempt during this appointment.

Factors influencing the success of the treatment

  • Your phobia, panic complaints or PTSD cause intense emotions
  • You are very motivated to get rid of your fear
  • It is possible to evoke the fear during the treatment
  • You are willing to go for it, to dive into your fear

Factors that can reduce the chance of success

  • It is not possible to evoke the fear in you during the treatment
  • There is really no reason to want to get rid of your fear
  • You do the treatment because it has to be done by someone else, instead of you wanting it yourself

After treatment

If the test session is successful, we will complete the treatment. It is good to actively seek out situations in daily life that you previously experienced. That's how you get it trust that the fear will stay away.

Some people still experience what is called the first period after treatment anticipation anxiety. Because your 'system' is not yet used to the fact that the fear is gone, it sometimes continues to prepare for that intense fear, resulting in mild anxiety symptoms. This often decreases on its own.

We would love to stay in with you contact after treatment. For example, we like to hear when someone has done something he / she did not dare for years.

After successful treatment, the obstacles and the violent reactions that were the result of the unrealistic fear are a thing of the past. It took several hours, but when it's right, it delivers daily freedom op.

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Contact us or take the self-test to determine if Memrec is right for you

Is Memrec right for me?

You may have doubts whether the Memrec method is suitable for your fear. Please feel free to contact us to share your situation. All our employees are psychologists, so you will be immediately contacted by someone who can answer your questions.