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How good that you are considering working with your fear. 

We like to start with an intake interview. In principle, we do this via video calling. The conversation lasts 45 minutes to an hour. The purpose of the intake is to determine whether the Memrec method is indeed is right for youand, if so, how exactly we should approach the treatment.

The intake interview is without obligation. This way you can make a conscious choice for this treatment. 

Yes, I want a no-obligation intake interview

The steps from registration to treatment


An informal conversation of about an hour. To determine whether Memrec is a suitable method, and how we should design the treatment.


If you haven't already done this, get one referral from the GP and you can contact your insurer about the compensation. In the meantime we prepare the treatment.


You will usually be with us for about 3 hours on the day of the treatment. We start with a preliminary discussion, followed by the confrontation and the pill. Then you go home again.
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You will return one or a few days later. We test whether the intense fear has disappeared. We take the time to build confidence that the old fear will not return.

Suitability of the Memrec method

As soon as you register for an intake interview, we first try to determine whether Memrec is a suitable treatment method for you. You may want to know this before you sign up. To determine whether Memrec is a suitable treatment method, we look at 4 aspects: your complaints, your age, and relevant medical and psychological information. All aspects are included in the self-test on the right side of the screen. Do you want to judge it yourself? Below we explain the criteria one by one.

Memrec is in most cases suitable for:

Memrec is not a suitable treatment method in the following cases:

  • A fear of something that we cannot really confront you with, such as fear of failure, fear of abandonment or fear of commitment.
  • Panic complaints that play continuously throughout the day
  • PTSD as a result of various incidents or a long traumatic period.

Memrec is only suitable for adults (18 years and older). This has to do with the fact that no scientific research has yet been done on the Memrec method in children, and that the pill we use is not simply prescribed to children.

Medically it's only about conditions or medicines that do not go together with the pill we use, so-called contraindications. If you are taking medication for any of the following conditions, the Memrec method is usually not suitable.

  • Heart and vascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Lung disease or asthma
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Circulatory failure, or metabolic acidosis
  • Excess production of the thyroid hormone

Also during a pregnancy we better postpone the treatment.

In many cases, your own general practitioner or specialist knows your medical situation better than we do. Are you unsure whether the treatment is medically suitable, please put it to your doctor.

In any case, we ask everyone to visit their doctor. To the treatment compensate you need a referral. On our referral form your doctor can immediately indicate whether he / she sees medical contraindications.

With the psychological information we look at certain psychological complaints and related medication.

Psychological complaints

The Memrec method is suitable if you are currently no other psychological complaints affect your anxiety. If you are currently in a depressive or psychotic period or if there is something else that affects your anxiety symptoms, we do not recommend the treatment.

Medication for psychological complaints

Antidepressants, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs often have an anti-anxiety effect. As long as you are on this medication, we will not be able to get to the fear properly during the treatment. In most cases, the treatment is therefore only suitable if you do not use medication for psychological complaints.

Test yourself: is Memrec right for me?

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