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American documentary about our treatment method

Last year Merel was approached by  American filmmaker Lana Wilson. She wanted to document the treatment method and its sudden effect on the lives of patients. She filmed several treatments of actual patients, and has now released the documentary. Thanks to producer  Topic, the documentary can be watched online. It consists of 4 parts, around 15 minutes each.

Please note: the video contains images of butterflies, snakes, spiders, mice and needles.

Watch the treatment of spider phobia

In this part of the documentary Memory Hackers (Nova, 2016, available on Netflix) a few former patients of Merel Kindt share their experience with the treatment of spider phobia. Also the success of the Memrec-method to erase fear is being explained.

Please note: this video contains images of spiders and other insects. 

Other articles about our treatment for fear and PTSD

The New York Times (2016) “A drug to cure fear”

The Washington Post (2015) “Overcoming the fear of spiders – in 2 minutes”

VPRO (2015)(in Dutch) “De Volmaakte Mens,aflevering 3: Weg met de angst”

NRC Handelsblad (2013) (in Dutch) “Moeilijk af te leren”

De Dagelijkse Standaard (2015) (in Dutch) “Ben jij bang voor spinnen?”

The International Business Times (2015) “Forget your fears – new way to erase phobias discovered”

NOVA (2016) (in Dutch) uitzending “Memory Hackers”, 9 Feb 2016

New Republic (2016) “The Cure For Fear” .

Het Laatste Nieuws (Belgie, 2015) (in Dutch) “Zo geraak je in twee minuten van je angst voor spinnen af”

The Daily Beast (2018) – “Meet the doctor curing fear with a single pill”

Scientific publications

A selection of the scientific publications about the Memrec Method and the work of Prof. Dr. Merel Kindt

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