Costs and reimbursement of the treatment

If you are considering treatment at Kindt Clinics, you may first want to know what the costs are and whether they will be reimbursed. We know that this is not always easy to find in your insurance policy.

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Do you not live in the Netherlands? Then the treatment is usually not reimbursed. View the costs for uninsured treatments >>

The intake interview is without obligation

The intake interview is indispensable. You get to know us and our approach, and we get to know you. We think it is important that you and we can honestly indicate after the intake whether the Memrec method is suitable. That is why the intake interview is without obligation.

In principle, we do intake interviews via Skype, Teams or similar.

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Does health insurance reimburse Memrec treatment?

In the Netherlands, the treatment of a phobia, panic or PTSD is covered by insured care. Kindt Clinics has no contracts with health insurers. Which part of your treatment is reimbursed therefore depends on your insurance policy. If you do not have a referral from your doctor or if you want to pay for the treatment yourself for another reason, this concerns uninsured care.

If you live outside the Netherlands, the treatment is usually not reimbursed by the insurance. For more information, please contact your insurance company.

For the Dutch: almost all treatments are covered by insured care

Reimbursement from the basic package

The treatment of phobias, panic or PTSD is in the Netherlands standard reimbursed by health insurers. The only exception is phobias for uncommon situations, that is, for something relatively easy to avoid in everyday life, such as fear of flying or scuba diving.


Kindt Clinics has no contracts with health insurers. It therefore depends on your insurance policy whether you will be fully reimbursed for the treatment or whether you have to pay part of it.

Different policies

The percentage that is reimbursed varies between 60 and 100%, depending on the extent to which you free choice in where you receive care. This does not concern the supplementary insurance, but the basic insurance. Many insurers have different types of basic insurance:

  • At one budget or care policy you are limited to the care providers with whom your insurer has a contract, and you yourself contribute to the treatment at Kindt Clinics.
  • At one refund policy you will usually be fully reimbursed for the treatment.

Keep in mind that you are for all psychological help first your deductible will appeal.

"The percentage that is reimbursed varies between 60 and 100%, depending on your basic insurance"

Rates in case of insured care

We use the following standard rates for insured care. So it is one fixed rate for the entire treatment process, including medical screening and medication, and regardless of the number of appointments. Which of these rates applies to you depends on the level of care, in other words the severity of your fear. In the Netherlands there are 3 care levels that are relevant to us, each with a different rate:

  • Light: € 503,47
  • Medium: € 853,38
  • Intensive: € 1.383,65

Our psychologist classifies you based on the intake interview and diagnosis. A mild phobia falls under Light, a severe or complex phobia (for example in combination with panic attacks) under Intensive, and everything in between often under Medium. Sometimes there are additional costs for, for example, the purchase or rental of material that is necessary for your treatment.

After the treatment you will receive an invoice that you pay yourself. You submit this invoice to your health insurer, who will pay you the agreed percentage.


We are happy to help you with general questions about insurance. For questions about your exact reimbursement, it is best to contact your insurer. Ask about the reimbursement for 'non-contracted basic mental healthcare'.

You can also pay yourself; you then pay a fixed rate per hour

If the treatment is not reimbursed by the health insurance

If you do not live in the Netherlands, or if you want to pay for the treatment yourself for another reason, the rates that have been set for uninsured care apply. In that case we work with a hourly rate of € 110,27. This concerns all the time we spend on your treatment. If we need to purchase or rent something specific for your treatment, we will discuss this with you first, because those costs are for your account.

The exact duration of a treatment process at Kindt Clinics differs per person. For example, if we can treat you better at an external location than in our clinic, it will take some extra time.

After the intake interview, we can determine more precisely how long your treatment will last.

Rates in case of uninsured care

For uninsured care you pay a fixed rate of € 110,27 per hour. To get an idea of ​​the duration of a treatment process, you can use the following averages:

  • Intake interview: 1 to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of your complaints
  • Preparation: 0-2 hours, depending on the specific fear
  • Treatment: 3 hours
  • Test session: 1 to 2 hours

A complete Memrec treatment process therefore takes minimum 5 hours (€ 551,35), unless there are specifics, such as treatment and / or test session at a different location, or additional complaints that make it important to us to get to know you more extensively.

In the case of uninsured care, you pay these costs yourself, so you cannot declare the invoice to your health insurer.

No show

If you unexpectedly do not show up for the treatment, we will charge you for 2 hours, at € 220,54.

Do you want to know exactly which part you will be reimbursed? Send us an Whatsapp message with your question and the name of your insurer, or fill in the form.

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