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Meet Kindt Clinics

Kindt Clinics is one specialized treatment center for people with unrealistic fear. Thanks to the groundbreaking research of Professor Merel Kindt and many colleagues at home and abroad, we can offer the Memrec method. We only treat specific phobias, panic and PTSD. Thanks to this focus, we can continue to develop the treatment in detail.

Kindt Clinics in the media

The Memrec method has received a lot of attention in the scientific literature since 2011. The discovery of the new treatment did not go unnoticed in the popular media. National and international media paid attention to Merel Kindt's research and the treatment method. Read the articles of the New York Times or the NRC Handelsblad. Or watch the broadcasts of One today, VPRO or the documentary about the treatment.

Our team

At Kindt Clinics, we work with a small and experienced team of psychologists. It often happens that you meet two different practitioners during the intake, treatment and test. This can be beneficial for the treatment, and is possible thanks to our intensive collaboration.

In addition to the permanent team, we work with all kinds of people who support the treatments. For example, we work with a driving instructor for the treatment of fear of driving, and doctors or doctor's assistants for the treatment of fear of injection.

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The goal of Kindt Clinics

Founder Merel Kindt has been researching anxiety throughout her career. She is now convinced that it is possible: no more unnecessary fears. In any case, it is something we wish everyone.

Flexible as people are, we learn to live with fears. We get used to it. But what we hear from people who have had the treatment is that it was only afterwards that they realized how much the fear was affecting them. That feeling of freedom is our greatest motivation.

A low threshold

Currently, people with anxiety are often recommended cognitive behavioral therapy and / or EMDR. Although both therapies can be effective, we choose to only offer the Memrec method.

One of the reasons for this is that we want to lower the threshold for people to proceed to treatment as much as possible. A treatment plan with multiple sessions or repeated exposure to what you fear can raise that threshold.

In addition to the short-term treatment, we ensure a pleasant atmosphere in our clinic; both in personal contact with clients and in the homely design of the rooms.

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