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As a result of the groundbreaking research by Professor Merel Kindt and many colleagues worldwide, we are now able to offer the Memrec treatment. This treatment is unique for two reasons: it is brief and effective. 80% of our patients has overcome their fear after 1 treatment session. 

The effect of the method has been established in scientific research, and it can now be offered to the larger public.

On this page, you will find more information about

Treatment process Memrec

Read more about the treatment process by clicking on each of the treatment phases below.

The intake is an important part of the treatment process. We only start the actual treatment when we think it can be successful. Do our quick self test to find out directly if the treatment could work for you.

After that, we have an online questionnaire, a form for your doctor, and we will plan an intake interview with you in our clinic in Amsterdam or via Skype (or similar). This interview will take about an hour.

Take a look at our treatment process for the steps from intake to treatment, and for helpful downloads.

On the day of the treatment, we will meet you at our clinic in Amsterdam, where psychologist Maartje Kroese will welcome you. You will also meet Merel Kindt and possible others in the team. After taking the time to talk to you, we can start the treatment.

Guided by your psychologist you will be briefly but intensely confronted with your fear. We will ask you to immerse yourself into the fear, we will motivate you to go further this time than you would normally do. After this, you will get a pill (a beta blocker). You will stay with us for two more hours to let the pill do its work. 

After this, you can return to your home or hotel. You can drive a car or take public transport like you normally do. On the rest of the day, just relax and feel free to do whatever you like, as long as you avoid having another confrontation with your fear on this particular day.

The effect of the Memrec Method to treat fear is only noticable after a night’s sleep, because your brain will process the change during your sleep. To determine how successful the treatment has been, we therefore invite you to our clinic for one last time. This can be the day after your treatment or a few days later. You will be exposed to the object of your fear again, so you can experience the effect of the treatment.

80% of the clients of that received fear treatment from Merel Kindt do not experience the feelings of fear or anxiety anymore towards the specific object or situation that used to trigger the fear response. Rationally, you know that your former object of fear may be dangerous (at least, if this is the case, like with snakes or heights), but the excessive emotional reaction has disappeared.

The limitations and strong physical reactions that were caused by your fear, now belong to the past. It took you half a day, but if all went well, you will experience the freedom on a daily basis. Considering the change in the brain that the Memrec Method triggers, you can safely assume that the same fear will not return, and that the effect will not wear off.

What happens in the brain

Fear has a function

The fear reflex is an important survival mechanism: it prepares all parts of your body to fight or flight in case of danger. The increased heartbeat and rapid breathing, for example, help to provide the muscles with more oxygen. However, in case of a specific phobia there is an unnecessary neurological connection between the fear reflex and something relatively undangerous, and with PTSD it is often the memory of the traumatic experience. This can lead to a disproportionate reaction, like tension, sweating and rapid heartbeat, or meticulously avoiding specific places or situations.

Fear can be unlearned

Our brain is very good at learning and unlearning things. Therefore, the neurological connection that causes a fear, is not permanent. Better yet: research has shown that every time the brain uses or activates this neurological connection (so every time you experience the fear), this connection could be reviewed. However, without intervention, this does not happen, and the fear will remain unchanged.

Reviewing that one neurological connection

Based on this knowledge Professor Dr. Merel Kindt and her teams have developed the Memrec Method. By triggering the fear in a specific way, the related 'memory path' of neurological connections is activated. A pill (a beta blocker) keeps the memory path from re-saving itself, so you will show a neutral response to the object of your fear.

The fear disappears

In most cases the treatment is successful after one treatment session: the fear has disappeared. For our clients, it is often a bizarre experience to  still have a sharp memory of their fear or trauma but not feeling the extreme anxiety anymore.

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