Memrec is suitable for phobias, panic and PTSD

Kindt Clinics specializes in anxiety. We treat according to the Memrec method. Thanks to the scientific research at the University of Amsterdam and the practical experience in the clinic, we know well for which complaints the treatment is suitable.

Complaints for which the Memrec method is effective can be divided into three categories: phobias, panic complaints en posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In all cases, the treatment can only be successful if it is possible to evoke the emotion properly during the treatment. How we do this exactly differs per complaint and per person.


Memrec is suitable for almost all specific phobias, from claustrophobia to become fear of mice. The only condition is that we can actually confront you with your fear during the treatment.

Panic attacks

Memrec is currently suitable for panic complaints in specific situations. A condition for a successful treatment is that we can trigger panic in you during the treatment.


Memrec is a suitable method for PTSD as a result of a one-off incident or a short period of time. Memrec is not a good choice for complex PTSD or prolonged traumatic periods.

Medical fitness

Simply put, Memrec treatment consists of a short exposure and then a pill. Both components are indispensable. Without proper exposure, the beta-blocker has no effect on the anxiety, and without the beta-blocker, the short exposure usually has no effect. At Kindt Clinics, we therefore work with a doctor who is responsible for prescribing the one-off medication.

Medical screening before your treatment

During the treatment you will receive a pill once. This is propranolol, a beta blocker. Beta-blockers are normally used to temporarily reduce anxiety (for example during a driving exam), or on a daily basis as a blood pressure reducer.

It goes without saying that we will not just give you this pill, even if it is a one-off. That is why we do a medical screening before treatment. This consists of completing a questionnaire and a statement from your own doctor.

In some cases, our doctor will request additional information, for example if you are being treated by a specialist. We have not had any unpleasant experience with the use of propranolol in research and practice.

When are you medically fit?

Propranolol has been around for 60 years and is used daily by tens of millions of people worldwide. Still, it is not suitable for everyone.

Especially if you are under 18, have cardiovascular problems, severe asthma or low blood pressure, it is unwise to take the pill. In that case the Memrec method is unfortunately not suitable.

Do you want an estimate of whether this applies to you, mail us then or fill in the self test on our website.

Test yourself: is Memrec right for me?

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Our medical screening consists of completing a questionnaire and a statement from your own doctor.