Treatment of a phobia

The Memrec method of Kindt Clinics is suitable for specific phobias for everything that we can actually expose you to during the treatment.

What is a phobia

A phobia is a severe fear; a fear that is out of proportion to the circumstances.

For example, if you are so afraid of spiders that you check every space and avoid every place where you could possibly see a spider, then you have a spider phobia. You suffer not only from the fear itself, but also from the fun things that you no longer do as a result of that fear. Yet in many cases you can live with it well.

You know it is not rational, but you still feel tense when you see what you fear. You can feel fear even when you think about the object or situation of your fear. Symptoms include faster heart rate, shaking, sweating, and breathing.

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If you want to overcome your fear, we start with an intake interview. This is without obligation; only after the interview you decide whether you are going to do the treatment.

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Note: this fragment contains images of spiders and other insects.

In this part of the documentary Memory Hackers (to be seen on Netflix until July 2019) you can see fragments of various treatments.

Although in practice every treatment is different, it does give a good picture of the Memrec method for the treatment of phobias.

The result is abrupt: the unreal part of your fear has disappeared at once in 8 out of 10 people

Approach to the treatment of a phobia

What we do in the Memrec treatment it is a one-time short and powerful excitation of the fear, by confronting you with what you fear. In this way we activate the brain connections that cause the fear.

Normally, after such a confrontation with your fear, the fear would be re-stored in your brain. After all, there is no reason to change it. But when you go one step further than you normally go during the confrontation, according to our precise directions, something else happens. Simply put, your brain senses you're doing something new, causing it become open to change. The pill then prevents the phobia from being stored in your brain again, as it normally would. Your brain processes all this in your sleep, as all new information from that day is processed.

The treatment was successful in 8 out of 10 people at once. The result of the treatment is that the unreal part of your fear has abruptly disappeared. In the case of a fear of mice, for example, you will still be frightened by an unexpected and unwanted mouse in your house, because that is normal, but that fear no longer turns to panic.

Success factors for treatment at Kindt Clinics

Two factors are important for the treatment to be successful. First, we can briefly expose you to your fear during the treatment, so that the fear is aroused to a great extent in you. And secondly: you are willing to really take on that fear for once, 'to dive in'.

Common phobias

People can develop a phobia for anything, but some phobias are more common than others. These are the 10 most common fears in the Netherlands that we can treat with Memrec.

Memrec is only suitable for specific social phobias.

Memrec and Social Phobias

People with social anxiety are excessively afraid of other people's opinions or criticisms, of doing something embarrassing or wrong, or of reacting incorrectly or strangely.

Unfortunately, Memrec is usually not suitable for this type of anxiety. This is because it is often not possible to summon the full fear briefly and forcefully. The thought 'what did others think of me' sometimes keeps simmering after the confrontation with your fear. The anxiety during the treatment often turns out to be less intense than normal, precisely because of the treatment setting.

But if you have a severe fear of one specific social situation (for example, to give a presentation, eat in a restaurant, Or attend a wedding), Memrec may be suitable.

Our psychologists can usually quickly assess whether Memrec is a good choice for you. So feel free to take without obligation contact us to discuss your personal situation.

Read Nienke's experience

“I stepped inside without any tension in my body. Looked in the trays, they opened .. it didn't affect me much. Huh? How is this possible? I didn't really believe it and it made me nervous. Less than 24 hours ago I was in the same room and I was in complete panic, and now I had a pin that a wasp walked over!

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