At Kindt Clinics you can overcome

your fear of spiders

We are a team of experienced psychologists and a general practitioner, specialized in the treatment of spider phobia and other fears. The freedom of a life without unnecessary fear, that is what Kindt Clinics stands for.

Live freely without spider phobia

Fear of spiders is common. Although almost everyone is startled at the sight of a spider, for people with spider phobia it goes further than that. The body reacts as if it is in great danger.

Because spiders can never with XNUMX% certainty be avoided in daily life, a spider phobia can be very debilitating. Fortunately, in most cases, the fear is treatable.

Symptoms of fear of spiders

Panic reaction

High heart rate




Wanting to leave

At Kindt Clinics we treat spider phobia within one day

Kindt Clinics was founded by Prof. Dr. Merel Kindt, from the University of Amsterdam. She developed the fast and effective Memrec method for the treatment of fear. We welcome people from all over the world. 

Effective in one go

90% of our customers are over the fear of spiders after one treatment session.

Permanent result

After a successful Memrec treatment, a spider phobia does not return.


Recommended by 99% of our customers.

Costs and reimbursement

Other people's experiences

Those who suffer from spider phobia often avoid seeing images of spiders. Therefore, the video below shows the treatment of fear of heights and chicken phobia at Kindt Clinics (from the Canadian documentary program The Nature of Things).


“Very Successful! Clear instructions / explanations and great therapists who guided me well during the treatment! Thank you so much for having the opportunity to undergo this treatment! ”


“I've had a spider phobia for as long as I can remember and as I got older, my reaction seemed to get worse too - from screaming and fleeing to crying and hyperventilating when confronted.
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Although it was hard to imagine that this treatment, which is quite short, would help me get rid of my anxiety, it was the short duration that appealed to me.

Rather short and intense than a long-term treatment spread over weeks or months, with an uncertain outcome.

My ultimate motivation to face this fear was also that my young daughter started to adopt my behavior and I want to show her that this fear is irrational - something I knew, but my body and brain reacted unconsciously anyway always very violent on spiders.

Merel and Maartje put me at ease, both during the treatment itself and in all the communication around it. It felt familiar, despite the enormous tension I felt beforehand. The first confrontation was intense and emotional, but after that I was calm and calm again quite quickly. I was relaxed prior to the test session and second showdown and I still can't believe I had a spin running over my head in a relaxed state. Who would have thought! That was a turning point for me, on which I now - shortly after the treatment - already dare to say that my fear has really gone. That I am now even looking forward to encountering a spider to 'practice' with picking up and bringing it out, I never dared to dream in advance. I am eternally grateful to Merel & Maartje for this, what a liberation! ”

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Frequently asked questions about the treatment of spider phobia

Below are the most frequently asked questions about spider phobia and its treatment. But call, email of Whatsapp us too. We are happy to help you.

It is estimated that around 3 to 6 percent of the population has a spider phobia. This phobia usually develops during childhood. Some people naturally overcome their fear as adults, and in others the phobia persists.

Relatively little is known in science about how and why phobias develop. Sometimes there is a clear reason, like a bad experience with a spider, or a father or mother with a spider phobia, but more often than not, the cause is unknown. In some people the fear of spiders even seems innate.

A popular theory to explain the large number of people with spider phobia is that this is evolutionarily determined: Our ancestors with fear of spiders would have a higher chance of survival than ancestors without that fear.

For the treatment at Kindt Clinics, it does not matter how you developed the fear of spiders.

Memrec is unique because of its short duration (2 physical appointments) and high effectiveness (90% succeed). The treatment starts with an intake interview, via Skype. Then we plan the treatment.

On the day of the treatment you come to Kindt Clinics, and we start with a chat. When you are ready, you will go for a confrontation with a spider. You will of course never be surprised or forced to do anything. After this, we will give you the pill (a beta blocker), and you will stay with us for 2 hours for the resting period.

A day (or a few days) later you come back and we test the effect. You should immediately notice that the strong physical response is gone. We take the time to get used to this experience and build your confidence. After this, we keep in touch and you are always welcome for an extra practice session.

Every spider phobia is different. Some people are already afraid of so-called daddy long-leg spiders, and others only fear tarantulas. For some, the fear is mainly about the quick movements of spiders, and for others it is about their looks; in these cases dead spiders may also evoke fear. Fast thin spiders or slow fat spiders; arachnophobia comes in many forms.

During the intake interview, we ask many questions about the fear, to ensure that we include all aspects of it during the treatment.

Do we use a tarantula during the treatment, but are you also afraid of house spiders, or vice versa? The effect of the treatment should spread to all types of spiders. We will of course test this with you.

For the Memrec treatment, it does not matter whether you have recently developed arachnophobia or have been afraid of spiders your whole life. It also doesn't matter whether you know how your fear arose. A treatment is successful for us if spiders no longer hinder you in your daily life. You don't have to be able to let a spider run on your head, but you do need to be able to catch a spider without panicking. 

Immediately the day after the treatment, you should notice that the strong physical response to spiders has disappeared. Some people still feel tense, afraid that the fear will return. We will practice with you to give you the confidence that the fear will stay away.

90% of spider phobia treatments are successful in one go. The effect is permanent, the chance of relapse is minimal.

Although the treatment is short (we need to evoke the fear only once), it is not an easy treatment. The most important success factors are: we must be able to activate the fear properly, and you need to be willing and able to immerse yourself in that fear, and so resisting the tendency to flee from the spider. Of course we help with that.

In order for the treatment to be effective, we work with a real spider. What it takes to trigger the fear in the right way varies from person to person. As difficult as it is, it helps if you immerse yourself into the situation for once. It speaks for itself that we will never surprise or force you to do anything.