The treatment of panic complaints at Kindt Clinics

People who have had a panic attack sometimes have fear of the fear, fear of another panic attack. The Memrec method can effectively combat panic attacks. On this page you can read more about panic complaints and their treatment at Kindt Clinics.
The mere thought 'I'll have a panic attack soon' can evoke a panic attack.

Symptoms of panic attacks

During a panic attack you suffer from all kinds of physical symptoms. The mere thought of 'soon I will have a panic attack' can trigger a panic attack. It can start with faster breathing, clammy hands and a slightly increased heart rate, but in no time the symptoms can worsen to such an extent that you don't know where to look. Sometimes people feel like they are having a heart attack, passing out, going mad, or even dying; that's how violent the physical reaction is.

After you have had a panic attack, you often avoid situations similar to the one it happened to you. You also avoid places that make you feel that there is no way out or where help is not near.

Memrec is suitable for certain types of panic

A prerequisite for successful treatment is that we have a should be able to induce a panic attack. The panic attack should peak within a few minutes and then diminish.

Memrec is only suitable if the panic attacks occur in specific situations, for example in large crowds or in situations where you cannot easily leave.

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Broad panic disorder?

At the University of Amsterdam, research is currently being conducted into the Memrec method for wider panic complaints, i.e. people in whom panic continuously plays a role. The researchers regularly look for research participants.
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Is Memrec right for you?

Because we use a (one-off) beta blocker at Memrec, the treatment is sometimes not suitable for medical reasons, for example if you have a cardiovascular disease. Complete the self-test and immediately receive a preliminary indication whether the treatment is suitable for you. . You can also indicate in the form whether you want us to contact you.

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Just as we confront people with a fear of dogs with a dog, it is necessary for people with panic complaints to confront them with their fear: a panic attack

Panic treatment approach

The treatment of panic complaints is comparable to the treatment of a phobia. A panic disorder often revolves around the fear of panic. Just as we confront people with a fear of dogs with a dog, it is necessary for people with panic complaints to confront them with their fear: a panic attack.

During the intake interview we will examine with you whether and how we can induce a panic attack. Sometimes that is quite challenging, for example because the fear is more intense when you are alone, while a therapist must be present during the treatment. If we think it is feasible to trigger a panic attack (somewhere in and around Amsterdam), and you are willing to do so, we will schedule the treatment.

By inducing a panic attack, we activate the brain connections that cause the irrational feelings of fear. If this is successful, the pill will help to prevent the strong emotion from being stored again this time, as it normally would.

You will come back one or a few days after the treatment. We then test whether the treatment has been successful. In most cases, one treatment session is enough to alleviate the panic. In the first period after the treatment you can still feel anticipation fear, in other words: fear that the fear will return. The more often you notice that that fear no longer turns into panic, the anticipation fear will disappear on its own.

Success factors of treatment

Two factors are important for the treatment to be successful. First, it is possible to create a situation during the treatment that arouses panic. And secondly: you are able to look for that panic attack for once, 'dive in'.
"So special to miss the fear because it was always with me"

Read Anna's experience

Treated at Kindt Clinics for panic

“After the treatment I was really exhausted, the confrontation with my fear was like climbing the Himalayas but absolutely worth it! I had a party on a boat a few days later, with a lot of people in a relatively small space, small toilet etc.

Bizarrely, normally I would feel a lot of stress and panic a few days before, but nothing this time. Driving a taxi to the party also went well, where I would normally get sweaty hands and a dry mouth. This time I was so happy without all that stress.

Things went very well on the boat. I was checking if I still felt anything but the fear did not surface. I could easily drop my coat downstairs in a small room, dance on the floor among many people, go to the toilet without stress.

So special to miss the fear because it was always with me. Shopping with my daughter also went well, my daughter was also amazed how relaxed I was in a busy space, without rushing (flights), without fear & panic. ”

Know more about Memrec for panic

Maybe you still have questions or you are unsure whether the Memrec method is suitable for your complaints. Please feel free to contact us to submit your situation to us. All our employees are psychologists, so you will immediately be contacted by someone who can help you further.

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