About Kindt Clinics

Founder Merel Kindt has been researching anxiety throughout her career. She is convinced that it is possible: no more unnecessary fears. It is something we would like everyone to experience.

Our goal

The Kindt Clinics team specializes in fear. Our treatment is short and effective. 

Currently, cognitive behavioral therapy and / or EMDR are often recommended to people who suffer from fear. Although both therapies can be effective, we choose to only offer the Memrec method.

One reason is that we want to make it as easy as possible to start a treatment. In addition to the short duration, we therefore ensure a pleasant atmosphere in our clinic.

Meet the team

Merel Kindt
GZ psychologist 

Emmeke Eijkelkamp
General practitioner 

Maartje Kroese

Emma van Wettum

Renée van Vloten

Sophie van Beijeren

Marlene Gideonse

Vivian Mason

Natalie Burger
Psychologist io

Would you like to work at Kindt Clinics? 
Are you interested in working at Kindt Clinics and being trained in the Memrec method? Then contact with us.

Kindt Clinics in the media

In scientific literature the Memrec method has been receiving a lot of attention since 2011. The discovery of the new treatment also did not go unnoticed in the popular media. 

Read the article of the New York Times . NRC Handelsblad. Or watch the broadcasts of Dutch news program EenVandaagVPROor the documentary about the treatment.

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