About Kindt Clinics

Founder Merel Kindt has been researching anxiety throughout her career. She is convinced that it is possible: no more unnecessary fears. It is something we would like everyone to experience.

Our goal

The Kindt Clinics team specializes in fear. Our treatment is short and effective. 

Currently, cognitive behavioral therapy and / or EMDR are often recommended to people who suffer from fear. Although both therapies can be effective, we choose to only offer the Memrec method.

One reason is that we want to make it as easy as possible to start a treatment. In addition to the short duration, we therefore ensure a pleasant atmosphere in our clinic.

Meet the team

Merel Kindt
GZ psychologist 
About Merel

Merel Kindt is professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, and has been researching fear throughout her academic career. As the scientific director, Merel is actively involved in Kindt Clinics.

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Emmeke Eijkelkamp
General practitioner  
About Emmeke

In addition to her work as a general practitioner, Emmeke Eijkelkamp is also active at Kindt Clinics. The general practice where she works is closely associated with the University of Amsterdam. Emmeke ensures that you are also in good hands medically.

Maartje Kroese
About Maartje

Maartje is in charge of Kindt Clinics on a daily basis. After her time in business (sustainable energy), as a psychologist, she looked for a more direct link to people. She has been involved with Kindt Clinics from the beginning. Maartje is often the one you meet first contact .

Emma van Wettum
About Emma

Emma's studies of psychology and psychobiology match well with the Memrec method. Emma is an experienced Memrec practitioner. In addition to Kindt Clinics, she also works at the Knowledge and Care Center for Gender Dysphoria of the Amsterdam UMC


Renée van Vloten
About Renée

Renée is involved in the beginning of the treatment process. Renée knows in which cases the Memrec method is (or is not) suitable, and therefore assesses all new inquiries first.

Read Renées blog about her first weeks.

Sophie van Beijeren
About Sophie

During her studies, Sophie was already researching anxiety. And that interest persists; She treats people with anxiety complaints not only at Kindt Clinics, but also in her work at an independent mental health practice. 

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Marlene Gideonse
About Marleen

Marleen's affinity with anxiety disorders and PTSD is of great value during the treatments. In addition to Kindt Clinics, she works at the TopGGz outpatient clinic for fear and OCD of GGZ inGeest.

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Vivian Mason
About Vivian

Vivian is a permanent fixture at Kindt Clinics and at the Memrec research at the University of Amsterdam. She speaks fluent English, Spanish and Dutch and is therefore the point of contact for clients from outside the Netherlands.

Natalie Burger
Psychologist (BSc)
About Natalie

In the course of 2022, Nathalie will start her master's degree, and until then she will strengthen the team in contact with clients, administration, and further improving the method and internal processes.

Would you like to work at Kindt Clinics? 
Are you interested in working at Kindt Clinics and being trained in the Memrec method? Then contact with us.

Kindt Clinics in the media

In scientific literature the Memrec method has been receiving a lot of attention since 2011. The discovery of the new treatment also did not go unnoticed in the popular media. 

Read the article of the New York Times . NRC Handelsblad. Or watch the broadcasts of Dutch news program EenVandaagVPROor the documentary about the treatment.

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