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"I used to panic at the thought of coming into contact with needles or when someone mentioned it. Now the fear when confronted with this is completely gone."

"I am very satisfied with the contact and the very clear explanation. I had a terrible fear of heights for 48 years and got rid of it in 1 treatment. What I do notice is that after such a long time my memory is still afraid of heights and that I must convince myself to do certain things. "

"Very satisfied with the information in advance. Reception, preparation, the treatment itself and the follow-up process were also experienced as very pleasant and professional. I recommend Kindt Clinics to everyone. My debilitating fear of driving was overcome by these great people!"

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"My phobia for cats existed for 40 years and is now miraculously a thing of the past, after one treatment at Kindt Clinics. For my new job it was essential for me to overcome my fear of cats, and this treatment has been very successful. Kindt Clinics team: thank you very much! "


"Very professional and pleasant interaction with the therapist. My fear of snakes (even toy snakes) was so great that this hindered my life every day. I did not even dare to touch a plastic hose. After the first treatment sessin I even dared to hold a Python. Believe it or not, you have to experience it yourself. It is so nice to live without fear. Now that that fear is gone, I can handle everything more easily because I have overcome my worst nightmare. "


"Great people and a very nice clinic where you feel safe to confront your fear. I was treated for my needle phobia, there was a nurse who stung me. I was obviously terribly scared but I am using this great team nevertheless went into the confrontation. Then took a pill, rested for a few hours and the next day was pricked again by the same nurse. To my surprise I was mainly busy with dinner and not with the needle in my arm. It sounds too good To be true, and it takes a while but after that you never have to be afraid again. The aftercare is also nice, a few more contact moments with each other to see how everything goes. "


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Snake Phobia - Kindt Clinics treats your fear of snakes.

Bonita van Lier - Fear of snakes

“From the first time I contacted Kindt Clinics, the guidance has been extraordinary, which made me feel at ease. The treatment itself (exposure) was tough, but I felt safe with all the supervisors (Emma, ​​Renée, Maartje). Also important: everyone was very involved and sympathetic!

Thank you very much for all the good care. You have freed me from something that I have struggled with for a lifetime. Being able to hold a snake has given my self-confidence a huge boost. My Facebook post about this treatment, incl. Video, has been viewed 337 times, liked 84 times and has generated many positive reactions and recognition. I am clearly not the only one who has experience with a phobia. ”

Nancy van Roij - Fear of spiders

“The treatment (even getting in touch with Kindt Clinics ) was very stressful to me. It was therefore nice that the treatment could be scheduled at very short notice. I really liked the contact with and guidance by Kindt clinics.

The treatment itself was actually not that bad for me. On the second day I found it difficult to experience whether the treatment had worked. I appreciated the fact that sufficient time was taken for this.

I still find it hard to believe that the fear that I had had for 40 years and that I actually adjusted my life to is gone within one day. After the treatment it took me a few weeks to really believe it. It is now special to notice that I no longer have any fear in situations that I have always avoided. Now I really have the confidence that the fear is gone.

I am very grateful that this method is now available to everyone. ”

Gwen - Fear of spiders

“I've had a spider phobia for as long as I can remember and as I got older my reaction seemed to get worse - from screaming and fleeing to crying and hyperventilating in a confrontation. Although it was hard to imagine that this treatment, which is quite short, would help me get rid of my fear, it was indeed the short duration that appealed to me. ”

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Ricardo Schoonheim - Fear of spiders

“Very Successful! Clear instructions / explanations and great therapists who guided me well during the treatment! Thank you so much for having the opportunity to undergo this treatment! ”

Fear of dogs. Treatment at Kindt Clinics.

Dinah Siebers - Fear of dogs

Of course I did not like the “exposure part” with the dog, but the treatment around it was made as comfortable as possible; The room was very relaxing, they told me exactly what was going to happen and how it works and I enjoyed talking to Maartje and Merel, which was distracting. Thank you so much!!

What could be better? I would not change anything in the treatment process. Perhaps it could be a good idea to put the videos that are on youtube (more prominently) on the website. They were the deciding factor for me to do this treatment and were also valuable to remember during the treatment. ”

Experiences at Kindt Clinics - treatment of anxiety

Mirjam Kannegieter-Schuur - Fear of chickens

“I was quite skeptical beforehand, but afterwards it was really unimaginable that it really worked. Merel and Maartje were and are really GREAT. Merel with the treatment and Maartje with the preparation, welcome and aftercare. A great team together. ”

Anna - (Fear of) panic

“After the treatment I was really exhausted, the confrontation with my fear was like climbing the Himalayas but absolutely worth it! A few days later I had a party on a boat, with many people in a relatively small space, small toilet etc… ”

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Fear of heights. Treatment at Kindt Clinics.

John - Fear of heights

“I would recommend Kindt Clinics, and their Memrec method, to anyone who has an anxiety suitable for treatment. It was one, intensive but short exposure, and my fear of heights has been cured. ”

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Anxiety review treatment

Katelin - Fear of blood

“My experience was good, the treatment itself was very stressful but well worth it. What could be better: a communication aspect; an email from me was misunderstood. However, this did not lead to any relevant problems. ”
Fear of spiders 2. Treatment at Kindt Clinics.

Vivian - Fear of spiders

Positive. Living room atmosphere. Chill. Room to show your fear. Merel empathizes with the patient. This is needed, because you have to trust her. In those 2 days I felt very emotionally involved with her. All logical. And great that pictures are being taken. Otherwise you won't believe it later. And neither do other people (those who know how scared you were).

What could be better? A kind of 'cooling down' after the 2 intensive days. Fortunately, Maartje called me a week later to see how things were going. You feel euphoric and want to share that. Preferably with someone who was there.

I want to thank Merel for her patience and understanding. And clear and directive communication. And Maartje too, we also laughed (even on day 1).

Denise - Fear of spiders

“I got to a point where I realized I no longer wanted to be guided by my fear of spiders. When I looked at it 'rationally', that fear was really ridiculous and too far out of hand anyway. Via Google I came across Kindt Clinics and I read that you could get rid of your fear with 1 treatment. That appealed to me: bring it on, I thought! ...
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I especially looked forward to the freedom it would give me to get rid of this fear. I could go to work very quickly, which is nice once you have made that decision. Still a bit skeptical and with the necessary tension I started the process, but Merel guided me with a lot of patience and understanding. The confrontation with the fear is very short and was therefore really doable. On the way to the test session I could only half imagine that I had really gotten rid of my fear, but yes… that spider was not as scary as before. It was a bizarre sensation to work with that same spider and then suddenly feel no fear response at all in your body. Step by step I became more familiar with that spider, so familiar in fact that touching was no longer exciting at all. Mission accomplished! What a relief and how glad I am that I dared to take this step. Thanks Merel and Maartje for the nice contact, reception and pleasant guidance during this process. ”

Nico - Fear of spiders

In one word “great”. I immediately referred a colleague and he was also treated successfully. ”

Tanja de Vries - Fear of toads

"Successful. Very positive. My fear was taken seriously and I was guided very empathically. But also well stimulated to enter into confrontation. ”

Roos - Fear of dogs

“Special. on the day of the treatment I really plunged into my fear. My heartbeat was really in my throat, and I felt tension everywhere. Then the pill, and I adhered to the guidelines. I really didn't know what to expect from the check, but when I came in and was confronted again with the dog it was so different. The tension that I felt during the treatment and actually all my life was completely gone. As if nothing had ever happened ...

And confrontations with other dogs also went very well. I dare to pet them, let them lick my hand, let them run around me. Only barking scares me a bit, but not so much that I want to run away. ”

Spinfobia review of treatment at Merel Kindt

Karin West - Fear of spiders

Very good experience. Great guidance. Even though it was very scary to be confronted with my fear, I felt I was in good hands.

I can really recommend this to everyone. I had no idea how much of an impact my fear of spiders had on my daily activities. Now that it's gone, I feel that I really get into a car without stress, walk through a garden, move a box, clean the windowsill. Not only the fear and fear of spiders is gone, but also my constantly being alert. I am much more relaxed.

Fear of heights2 Treatment at Kindt Clinics

Magda Dingemanse - Fear of heights

"Very good. Thank you very much. I am glad I took the step and you were so nice to me. ”

More reviews of the treatment

"A very special and pleasant experience. The team took the time for me, came across as very knowledgeable and above all very empathetic. But the most important thing; you have ensured that after 40 years of treatment I got rid of my phobia and I can I'm still not sure how that's possible, but I've now been around (even petted) 1 other cats within a few days and all without a trace of fear."

Monique - Cats

"Great. Clear communication, fast response and good explanation of the treatment. It is also very nice that the treatment could be planned in the short term. Improvement idea: at locations other than Amsterdam."

Sandra - Fear of heights / fear of falling

"Great, my fear of heights is less present at home. I have not had any altitude experiences yet (high hotels or the like) I am curious how this goes."

Anonymous - Fear of heights

"Positive. Good preparation through the intake interview. In retrospect, it was also good that I was not informed in advance about the entire treatment; what would it look like exactly."

Warsha - Fear of cats

"I was warmly welcomed, Maartje and Emma are very sweet and compassionate. I am very grateful."

Eva Stam - Spider phobia

Good. It was fast and direct. In the intake interview, it was clearly stated what to expect from the results. Questions were answered quickly and completely and communication was easy. The result is the most important and this was exactly as expected. "

Anonymous - Injection phobia

"Super nice and good experience with Maartje and Merel. Very peaceful and understanding."

Riekie Aarts - Fear of mice

"Super team Maartje and Merel"

Henk - Paruresis / urination anxiety

"Positive, warm welcome and I felt supported during the treatment."

Elien - Fear of dogs

"Very positive. Great atmosphere, professional treatment, and it had an effect! Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks! I can't believe I've gotten rid of my fear after all these years."

Marike Simons - Fear of spiders

"I had a very positive experience at Kindt Clinics. By going to Kindt Clinics I got rid of my (51 years) long fear of rats. Kindness, commitment, expertise and results are words that best sum up my treatment. I actually have no specific points for improvement, but if I do have to mention something, there may be a little more attention for the impact that the treatment has during the first weeks afterwards.For example, I was total-loss the first week after my treatment and you often ask yourself: how would it go with the first confrontation "in real life" ..... You are still unsure about that. But again, that would be the finishing touch, it was perfect. I had a very positive experience prior to the treatment. The email correspondence was pleasant, the questions I had were answered quickly and properly and the intake interview was very good to have. I had the intake interview in the clinic in Amsterdam. I would recommend that over an intake interview via Facetime. I think you can get closer to your emotions "face to face". "

Tineke - Fear of rats

"Very positive: during the intake it was carefully checked what exactly my phobia is, under which circumstances it is most severe. During the treatment I was pushed in a good way to find the limit. The personal approach made me feel all the hesitation. let go. "

Han - Fear of heights

"In one word: Fantastic !! Good guidance and understanding. Relieved of my fear in a very short time. This is a must for anyone who suffers from fear of spiders."

Celeste de Boer - Fear of spiders

"After years of dealing with considerable claustrophobia, I decided to no longer treat the symptoms but to look for a structural solution. I ended up at Kindt Clinics via the internet, who already indicated on the website that this could be solved with one day treatment. I had to think about this for a while, but I made an appointment. During this conversation I felt at ease almost immediately. It went very relaxed and I was given plenty of time to explain what was going on. It wasn't always easy but every time I was reassured and I was given plenty of time to express myself After the conversation we chose a treatment date With an astonishing result I tried several situations in which I would normally not be in. This thanks to Kindt Clinics.. I am very grateful to them that after 1 day of treatment I have lost 90% of my claustrophobia fear. I would really recommend this to everyone." "

Hans Brand - Claustrophobia

"Very good experience. Professional, understanding and clear. After 15 years of suffering from my fear of peeing, I am finally rid of the fear."

Anonymous - Urination anxiety

"My experience at Kindt Clinics is very good. I was helped by the therapists. It was difficult to be confronted with my fear, but I am very happy that I did it. I can still faint, but I now have a calm way to deal with it. The fear of needles is almost gone. "

Inge - Fear of needles

"Very positive. The sessions are tough, but the guidance is great and the result is very good. I am very happy with the result and proud of what I have done together with Kindt Clinics."

Bart - Fear of heights

"Positive, very kind and very caring. I felt taken very seriously and in a safe environment. Thanks for the therapy, it helped me very well."

Hanny - Phobia of needles and injections

"Treatment (confrontation) was very intense. The counseling was great. Anxiety has decreased but has not completely disappeared."

Anonymous - Fear of mice

"Professional, empathetic, effective and efficient."

Ben de Veth - Fear of heights

"Very positive, kind and understanding therapists. Appointments are well kept. I am very satisfied, I have no negative points, keep it up! In the meantime I am very happy because my fear of dogs has been overcome so far."

Joyce - Phobia of dogs

I really liked the treatment process. Everyone tried to help very much and everything was done to create a good 'fear scenario'. I also thought it was bizarre to notice how much easier the situation was the day after the propanol pill. I was less nervous beforehand and there was little fear in this situation either.

Anonymous - Fear of blushing

"Passed? Probably! Very pleasant and professional."

Leon Stedehouder - Complicated fear of heights

What wonderful days I have had. Little by little I start to realize how much impact the fear has had on my life. The fear was mainly expressed in the car, but I think the fear of going 'out' was also woven into many small other things. Maartje and Merel are skilled people who have a to the point method that is confrontational, but if you have the guts to really go for it, it is groundbreaking. What could be better? A little more attention to aftercare. It is so bizarre how your own ideas have to adapt to your 'new' ability and that your thoughts can get in your way. The only remedy is to keep surprising yourself, but that is quite intensive and exciting. Keep up the good work beautiful people!

Louise Niemeijer - Panic when driving

I am so happy to have been with you !! It is literally as if a very great tension has fallen from me and calmness and tranquility have taken its place. I no longer have to be constantly on the lookout whether I will encounter a spider, because I don't find them scary anymore! I do notice that I have to practice a bit more, but I am working on that. Wednesday I was in Blijdorp (zoo) and there the tarantula was completely hidden in its terrarium so I could only see two legs, and I thought that was a shame 😄 (where I would have avoided that space before!). Then I practiced with a very large plastic toy spider from the souvenir shop, and that went without any problems. I tried a few movies on TV, but because we have quite a large TV, the spiders get very big there, and in combination with scary music underneath, I didn't think that was so ideal. But watching movies on my phone is perfectly fine. In short, long update, but everything is going well. Thank you very much!

Mariken - Spider phobia

"Great! Nice people, beautiful relaxing space and I have overcome of my 2-year-old phobia in 43 times !! I never dared to dream that. And also reimbursed by the insurance. I can really say that I have my life back. Leaving the house without thinking about whether there are wasps. Being able to go anywhere. And be an example for my children again! "

Angela - Wasp phobia

Very positive. I felt myself beforehand 'a hopeless case that could no longer be helped' and therefore did not expect that there would be another therapy that could reduce my claustrophobia, but at Kindt Clinics I succeeded. The treatment itself was very exciting and difficult but I knew this in advance. The therapists are very sweet and patient but also give the right push when necessary, without me feeling pushed. "

Nicky - Claustrophobia

"For over 20 years I was terrified of the musical The Phantom of the Opera and everything that reminded me of it. Every day I lost a surprising amount of energy to avoid this musical. I know that there are no miracle cures in psychology, but this comes close. The exposure (I was placed in the middle of the film with VR glasses) was very intense, but short. Bizarre how different the same VR experience was the next day: only a slightly higher heart rate instead of blind panic Very unreal to get rid of that fear so quickly Practicing after the treatment (to learn that you are no longer afraid of it) is exhausting But I now have so much more peace in my head This whole The process has been well worth it. If only I had done it sooner. I therefore recommend Kindt 100%. They guided every step calmly and professionally. Thank you very much! "

Coen - Phantom of the Opera

"Perfect! Great people and very professional. I can recommend it to everyone! My severe fear of driving has been treated perfectly! Great that I have my sense of freedom back! I recommend it to everyone!"

Victor - Panic when driving

"Very pleasant, everything was very professional and I felt at ease, which was very nice."

Isa - Injection anxiety

"Valuable, everyone was very nice, and it felt good to finally have a long and good talk about it."

Anonymous - Urination anxiety

"Very involved and understanding. It was a tough, but so far successful treatment."

Silvia - Claustrophobia / Panic

"My experience was good. I experienced the environment and guidance as pleasant. It had an effect for swallowing pills and gagging"

Thomas - Emetophobia (fear of vomiting)

"A professional team, warm and cordial in a very pleasant, almost homely space. I felt at ease with these people. A nice team that guides you, provides aftercare and is also very involved with you as a person. Made me feel safe . "

Anonymous - Fear of blood tests

"Despite the fact that the treatment is not pleasant, everything that is arranged around it is very pleasant. Personal attention, time, effort, etc. etc." What is great is that you can go so quickly, so you do not have to wait for weeks. "

Judith - Spider phobia

"With cautious certainty, 7 weeks after my treatment, I dare to say that I have been relieved of my phobia. A phobia of which I previously thought I would never be relieved of it and had a very disabling effect. The treatment is short-term and intensive and exciting, I was very nervous! Maartje and Merel have provided a safe setting for the therapy ... After the treatment I feel calmer and I have gained a lot of time that I no longer spend on avoidance and control behavior. After 7 weeks I still fear a relapse. But I hope that will wear off. "

Sonja - Fear of silverfish

"Family and friends are incredibly enthusiastic about my bizarre and fast" cure ". I could hardly believe it myself, but the videos and photos remind me that it is really true. I am going through life a lot more relaxed now because I no longer fear losing control when I see a spider. I have already encouraged and recommended many people in my area to visit the website and / or sign up. "

Miel - Fear of spiders

"I still can hardly believe it. It has really changed my life for the better. No longer afraid to be at home alone, walk barefoot, no longer be on my guard all the time. When I tell others, I also sense disbelief. But it really is true! "

Judith Witteveen - Spider phobia

"Good guidance before and during the exposure. The exposure was well prepared. I felt taken seriously and did not feel like a client but just someone who wanted to face my fear under guidance. I really liked the encouragement and during the second test session, photos were taken of me with the birds, I still like to see that!"

Thalita - bird phobia

"It was a pleasant introduction and perfect treatment. I was skeptical but afterwards more than positive. The result is really astonishing. I have just taken high ski lifts in recent weeks and also alone. Unbelievable!!!"

Martin Lindelauf - Fear of heights

"I found it a very pleasant treatment method, everyone was very friendly and respectful, and of course I am very happy with the fantastic result. My anesthetics at the dentist went without any problems, even when the dentist did not prick one properly I was not afraid from."

Anne Vos - Fear of needles

"Perfect, guidance was great. It felt unconstrained and I could be myself, so I felt no shame. Very pleasant. I am very thankful! I can enjoy a wonderful holiday at the campsite with our children and wasps :)"

Nienke - Wasp phobia

"Excellent guidance from empathetic and compassionate therapists. After just two days of treatment, my spider phobia has disappeared. I have had no more nightmares and the first spider I saw after the therapy did not cause panic anymore. It's fantastic!"

Anonymous - Fear of spiders

"Recently treated but I notice that I have not had any more panic attacks, I still have a lot of fear of the fear, but I have to practice with this myself. My experience was very good, clear explanations and great guidance. The location is also very pleasant. It was a special experience, especially when you come back on the 2nd day and there is no panic attack when you expect it as on day 1. "

Tamara - Panic when driving

"How was my experience at Kindt Clinics? Nice, apart from the fact that I had to face my biggest fear."

Gerrie - Fear of dogs

"I loved the treatment! I am very happy with it. My fear is gone, and now I feel like I am no longer trapped in my fear."

Veronica Alves - Fear of spiders

"My experience is great! The contact by email and the intake interview via Skype with Maartje. Good information on the website and of course the fact that after 48 years I got rid of my fear of heights. I am very satisfied with the guidance, the contact and of course the treatment. I am very positive about it and tell everyone about it. I will even tell my doctor. A very effective way to get rid of my very bad fear of heights for good and quickly. Too bad that this method was not there decades earlier."

Eugenie - Fear of heights

"Fantastic! A lot of understanding, peace and patience. It was very cold in the room after the treatment. That made it a bit difficult to relax."

Corine - Spider phobia

It was a special experience. I was put at ease and everything was explained. Quiet, beautiful location, fully equipped. Nice and knowledgeable employees. Thank you very much !! I will go on my world trip with a good feeling, knowing that I can do it: encounter a spider without excessive fear! "

Marjolein - Spider phobia

Maartje and Merel are warm and very involved with their patients. They did what was they could to help me. Only this treatment for emetophobia is not yet completely suitable. I am convinced that it will work well for other phobias. Unfortunately, the emetophobia is difficult to combat from a practical point of view because it is physically too heavy. "

Anonymous - Emetophobia (fear of vomiting)

"It was an intense treatment, but also very effective. The guidance was pleasant and suited me well as a person. Only to reach an appointment was a bit of a puzzle ... that could have been more efficient."

Mi Sun van der Mannen - Fear of popping

"Very good. Even if the result would have been worse. The fear has gone from "debilitating" to "vague". From a 9 to a 2 or 3. The disgust has remained and the fear is still there (although greatly reduced), but how easily I can handle seeing a spider, and how quickly I feel relaxed again has improved 100%. What could be better: Larger range of spider types, but I understood that is already being worked on. Time to open a location in the east of the country! "

Misha - Spider phobia

"I consider it successful, but there still needs to be a lot of practice and getting used to the level that I would like to achieve. It was very professional and friendly, a well-prepared team with a lot of personal attention. I felt taken seriously. and felt that we were working together as a team to fix the problem. "

Anonymous - Urination anxiety

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