The treatment is fully or partially reimbursed as standard

In the Netherlands, the treatment is fully or largely reimbursed by the health insurance. For people from other countries this is usually not the case. 

Costs and compensation

All Dutch health insurers reimburse the treatment in whole or in part. Look in your policy information under 'uncontracted mental health care'. 

The website 'De contract-free psychologist' has made an overview of all health insurers and the percentage they reimburse in 2023. You cannot derive any rights from this overview, but it does give an indication of the reimbursement you can expect. 

Prior permission must be requested from the following insurers to start treatment in 2023: AZVZ, CZ, IZZ (CZ), Just, Nationale Nederlanden, Ohra, Zorg en Zekerheid.


The Healthcare Performance Model will apply in the Netherlands from 2022. Fixed rates per time unit apply. This means that it is impossible to predict exactly what a treatment will cost in advance. As an indication, the following costs can be assumed for 2023, which you will therefore be fully or largely reimbursed:

  • Basic treatment € 920 - 1030

    At our location; an intake, a treatment session, a test, an evaluation - no extra contact moments or costs.

Sometimes the costs are higher, for example if we have to go to an external location for the treatment, if we have extra interim contact by phone or email, or if you want an extra treatment session (the latter applies to 10 – 15% of our customers):

If the treatment process ends after the intake interview, the following rate applies:

  • Only an intake interview € 225

The rates apply regardless of the result of the treatment. To receive reimbursement from your insurance company, you might need a referral from your doctor. Without a referral, or if you have a foreign insurance policy, you will pay the tariffs for uninsured care.

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If you opt for a reimbursement policy as your basic insurance, you will be reimbursed 100% of non-contracted mental health care. 

You can adjust your insurance until 31 December.

Good to Know

Any additional costs

For some treatments there are external costs for example when you are afraid in the car or when using certain animals. We always discuss this in advance. 

Obligatory deductible excess

In the Netherlands, everybody aged XNUMX or over has a compulsory deductible for healthcare provided under their general insurance policy. This means you pay the first €XNUMX of any healthcare costs yourself.

How does the invoice process work?

After the treatment you will receive an invoice by email that you pay yourself. You submit this invoice to your health insurer, which will reimburse you the agreed percentage.

No show

If you unexpectedly do not show up for an appointment, we will charge 1 hour at €124,74. 

Contact your health insurer

Contact your health insurer to be sure what you will be reimbursed. You may need the following information for this:

  • We have no contracts with health insurers.
  • We use the standard rates as determined by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa).
  • The main practitioners are GZ psychologists.
  • The practitioners and our doctor are BIG registered.
  • Our AGB code is 94064298.
  • The Memrec method meets the state of science and practice
  • Our quality statute is registered on

We are happy to help you with questions about costs and compensation