About costs and reimbursement

In the Netherlands, the treatment of a debilitating phobia is always fully or largely covered by the basic health insurance 

Costs and compensation

All Dutch health insurance companies cover the treatment. Depending on the health insurance policy you have chosen, a personal contribution may apply. Check your policy information for non-contracted Basis-GGZ.

The reimbursement rate depends on the severity of the fear

In the Netherlands, the rate in mental health care is based on the severity of the fear. The treatment is no different. The rates, which you will therefore be fully or largely reimbursed, are in 2021:

  • Mild phobia ('Basis-GGZ Kort') € 522,13

    Fears of low severity and complexity

  • Medium/severe phobia ('Basis-GGZ Middel') € 885,01

    Moderate or somewhat severe fears

  • Severe or complex fears ('Basis-GGZ Intensief') € 1.434,96

    For severe or complex fears, often applies to panic and PTSD

During the intake interview, the psychologist will indicate which tariff applies. The intake is without obligation, so you are not committed to anything. 

After the intake you will have a referral required. You pay the rates in advance without a referral uninsured care.

Insurance tip

The most favorable is a basic insurance in which you receive 100% reimbursement from non-contracted basic mental health care, and also have the lowest possible deductible. 

You can change this until December 31, and sometimes until January 31.

Good to know

Any additional costs

For some treatments we have to external costs in the car, for example. We then work together with a driving school. Unfortunately, the health insurer does not reimburse this. We always discuss this in advance.

How does the invoice process work?

After the treatment you will receive an invoice by email that you pay yourself. You submit this invoice to your health insurer, which will reimburse you the agreed percentage.

No show

If you unexpectedly do not show up for the treatment, we will charge you for 2 hours, at € 220,54.

We are happy to help you with questions about costs and compensation