Pricing and reimbursement

Each treatment is tailored to address that specific fear. Costs therefore vary, but generally range from €700 – 1200.

Costs and compensation

If you are treated in your country of residence, your healthcare insurance provider will generally offer full or partial reimbursement. However, if you are treated abroad, this is usually not the case.

For Dutch citizens: an overview of all healthcare insurers and reimbursement percentages in 2024, click here. The percentages for 2025 will be announced in November 2024. 


With insurance

  • Basic treatment € 700 - 960

Sometimes there are additional costs, such as an extra treatment session (recommended for about 10% of our customers), additional interim contact, entrance fees, costs for specific treatment material or travel costs.

The intake interview is included in the treatment cost. If the treatment process ends after the intake interview, the following rate applies:

  • Only the intake process € 240 - 275

Please note that your deductible will be applied first.

Without insurance

Without a referral, or if you don’t have Dutch insurance, we work with an hourly rate.

  • Hourly rate € 131,82

The hourly rate applies to all the time we spend on your treatment, including medical screening, consultation and preparation. A complete Memrec treatment process takes on average 5 to 9 hours (€659,10 to €1.186,38)

For some treatments we have to incur additional costs, for example for the use of a car or a certain animal. We always discuss this in advance.

All rates apply regardless of the result of the treatment.

Good to know


For children in the Netherlands, all psychological care is reimbursed through the municipality. Kindt Clinics has no contracts with municipalities. You can therefore apply for a personal budget (PGB) from your municipality for treatments for children (12 – 18 years old).

Invoice process

After the treatment you will receive an invoice by email. You can pay by bank transfer or credit card. 
If applicable, you can submit this invoice to your health insurer, which will reimburse you the agreed percentage.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel an appointment 24 hours in advance (excluding weekends). If an appointment is not canceled on time, you will receive an invoice. This is not eligible for insurance reimbursement.


Would you like to do the treatment but are you worried about the cost? Tell us, and we’ll see if we can do anything to help make it happen.

We are happy to help you with questions about costs and compensation