Kindt Clinics in the media

The research on Memrec has lead to several scientific publications. Mainstream media also regularly cover the Memrec method.

Seen on television

The Nature of Things (CBC)

The Canadian documentary program The Nature of Things (CBC) came to Amsterdam to interview Merel Kindt and film a few treatments. This episode shows parts of the treatments of Eva who suffers from a fear of heights, and Mirjam who came in for her phobia of chickens.

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Merel Kindt and Kindt Clinics in written media

The research of Merel Kindt and the treatments at Kindt Clinics regularly receive attention from the press. Below are various articles that have been published in recent years.

Documentary A Cure For Fear

Lana Wilson Lana Wilson, a documentary filmmaker for National Geographic among others, made a documentary about the Memrec method. She filmed several treatments and extensively interviewed Merel Kindt. Thanks to the producer Topic the documentary is available to watch online for free. The documentary consists of 4 parts, 15 minutes each.  

Please note: the documentary contains images of butterflies, mice, cats, spiders and needles.