Kindt Clinics is corona-proof. We continue to provide treatments, even with the (partial-)lockdown.

Overcome your fear
at Kindt Clinics

Our team of experienced psychologists and a general practitioner specializes in the treatment of fears and phobias. Together, we believe in the freedom offered by a life lived without unnecessary fear.

Fear treatment in one day

Kindt Clinics was founded by Prof. Dr. Merel Kindt from the University of Amsterdam. After 20 years of research, she developed the fast and effective Memrec method for the treatment of fear and anxiety. At Kindt Clinics, we welcome people from all over the world.  

Effective in one go

83% of our clients overcome their fear in one treatment session.

Permanent result

After a successful treatment, the fear does not return.


99% of our customers recommend us

Kindt Clinics treats fears and phobias

We take every fear seriously. What is it that you avoid?

treatment of anxiety in child clinics

83% of fear treatments at Kindt Clinics are successful after a single session


people treated


treatments succeeded in one go


different fears

Kindt Clinics' clients recommend us for the treatment of fears and anxieties

Treatment spiders phobia Denise. Kindt Clinics treats spider phobia.

"Bizarre sensation of suddenly not feeling a fear response at all in your body."

Denise - Spider phobia

Fear of heights. Treatment at Kindt Clinics.

"It was one, intensive but short exposure, and my fear of heights is cured."

John - Fear of heights

“Positive, very kind and very caring… It helped me very well.”

Hanny - Injection phobia

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