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How MEMREC® works

As a result of revolutionary scientific research by Professor Merel Kindt and many (inter)national colleagues, we can now offer the MEMREC®  Method. This treatment for phobias and PTSD is unique for two reasons: it is brief and effective. For 80% of the people, one treatment session is enough to overcome their fear.

1. Intake

We start with an online questionnaire and an intake interview (at our clinic or via Skype). In this interview, we get to know each other and we determine if and how we can treat your fear.

2. Treatment

We briefly but intensely confront you with your fear. Is the fear high enough, you get a pill (a beta blocker). U will stay with us for two hours to let the pill do its work.

3. Test

You will visit our clinic one more time, often a day later. You will be exposed to your fear again, so you can experience the effect of the treatment.  If all went well. you will never experience the same fear again.

See it for yourself

See the MEMREC Method

Kindt Clinics on Netflix

In this part of the documentary Memory Hackers (2016, available on Netflix), it is explained how the Memrec Method can cure fear. In addition, former clients of Merel Kindt share their experience with the treatment.

Warning: the video shows images of spiders and other insects.

Short waiting lists

You do not need to wait long to get the treatment. The intake interview can often take place within 1 or 2 weeks, face to face or via Skype. Email us directly to make an appointment.



Unique method

The results of the MEMREC® Method are ground breaking. In our clinic, we welcome people from all over the world.

"It was a bizarre experience to (...) suddenly feel no fear response in your body anymore."


Fear of spiders
"Sometimes my brain still does not understand why I am not afraid."


Fear of snakes

Could your fear be cured by the MEMREC Method of 

Kindt Clinics?

MEMREC® works for

Memrec can work for many specific phobias. A prerequisite for a successful treatment is that we can actually confront you with your fear during the treatment. 

As a result, Memrec can be an effective treatment for a phobia of an animal, an object, heights, small spaces, and all other things that you can be exposed to during the treatment. 

This means that Memrec cannot be effective for fears such as fear of failure, separation anxiety, or the fear of dying or illness. 

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