About Kindt Clinics

Kindt Clinics is a specialized clinic for the treatment of fear and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Kindt Clinics was founded by Merel Kindt, Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Her research, in cooperation with other scientists, resulted in a treatment method that is receiving worldwide attention for two reasons: the treatment is quick and effective. In one treatment session we help you to adjust your fear memory in such a way that your disproportionate fear reaction disappears completely.

We have successfully treated all kinds of fear, from spider phobia to fear of dogs, and from fear of heights to claustrophobia. No fear is strange to us, and the treatment is effective for PTSD as well.

We would be happy to share anything you would like to know, and you are very welcome in our Amsterdam based clinic.

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American documentary about our treatment method

Last year Merel was approached by  American filmmaker Lana Wilson. She wanted to document the treatment method and its sudden effect on the lives of patients. She filmed several treatments of actual patients, and has now released the documentary. Thanks to producer  Topic, the documentary can be watched online. It consists of 4 parts, around 15 minutes each.

Please note: the video contains images of butterflies, snakes, spiders, mice and needles.

No fear is strange to us

Do you always take the stairs to avoid the elevator? Would you like to go on holiday but hesitate because of the spiders or other animals? Do you never join activities that involve height, water or flying? Are you afraid of needles or MRI scanners? Kindt Clinics specializes in the treatment of fear, any fear. Please feel welcome in our Amsterdam based clinic.

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See it for yourself

In this part of the documentary Memory Hackers (, 2016, also available on Netflix), it is explained how the Memrec Method can cure fear. In addition, former clients of Merel Kindt share their experience with the treatment.

Warning: the video shows spiders and other insects.