Memrec treatment for fear and anxiety

The Memrec method is an attractive treatment approach for two main reasons: It is quick, and it is highly effective. The confrontation with the feared object or situation takes less than half an hour, and in 83% of cases, the fear disappears after a single session.

Memrec: the basics

Kindt Clinics was founded by Dr. Merel Kindt, professor at the University of Amsterdam. After 20 years of research, she developed the fast and effective Memrec method for treating anxiety. We welcome people from all over the world for the Memrec treatment. 

Memrec is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, with the difference that it involves a very short exposure to the fear and then the one-time use of a pill. Memrec does not so much tackle the fear thoughts, but intervenes directly on the fear response. Memrec stands for memory reconsolidation.

The treatment is suitable for almost all specific phobias, and some forms of panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Treatment at Kindt Clinics within one day

Effective in one go

83% of our clients overcome their fear in one treatment session.

Permanent result

After a successful treatment, the fear does not return.


99% of our customers recommend us

The treatment usually consists of one treatment session and one check session

The treatment session

The purpose of the treatment session is to remove the unrealistic fear. In the Memrec method this is done by briefly evoking the fear once. This activates all neurological connections that are associated with the fear. There are no surprises, you decide what happens.

After the fear is triggered, a single pill (a commonly used beta-blocker) follows. This prevents the fear from re-saving itself in the brain, as it normally would. You will stay with us for another two hours for the pill to take effect.

The check session

The purpose of the check is to experience the effect of the treatment. This effect is not noticable until a day after the treatment. After all, sleep allows our brain to process the new experiences of that day. That is why the check follows one or a few days after the treatment session.

For 83% of our customers, one treatment is enough to permanently alleviate their severe anxiety. During the check, we take our time to give you the confidence that the fear will stay away.

The objective of a treatment session depends on the type of fear


At specific phobias you face the fear once, usually by seeing what you fear.

Panic disorder

At panic it is necessary to trigger a panic attack once.


At PTSD (after a one-off event) we try to evoke the fear imaginatively.

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Medical screening

In the Memrec treatment we use a pill, a beta blocker, once. This beta blocker has been around for 60 years and is used daily by tens of millions of people worldwide, for temporarily reducing anxiety (for example during a driving test), or daily as a blood pressure lowering. 

It goes without saying that we are careful with this medication. At Kindt Clinics, we therefore work together with a doctor who is responsible for medical screening and prescribing the one-off medication. In scientific research and in practice we have no unpleasant experiences with the use of this pill. 


Especially if you have cardiovascular problems, severe asthma or very low blood pressure, it may be unwise to take the beta blocker. In that case, the Memrec method is unfortunately not suitable.
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Experiences at Kindt Clinics

Very positive. The sessions are tough, but the guidance is great and the result is very good. I am very happy with the result and proud of what I have done together with Kindt Clinics.

Family and friends are wildly excited about my bizarre and fast "cure". I am now going through life a lot more relaxed because I no longer have any fear of losing control when I see a spider.

Watch a Memrec treatment

Note: this clip contains images of spiders and other insects

In this part of the documentary Memory Hackers you can see fragments of a treatment. Although every treatment is different in practice, it does give an idea of ​​the Memrec method.

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